Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bible In The Toilet

We can learn some things from the uproar over Newsweek’s allegation that guards flushed the Koran down the toilet.

1. The first thing that comes to mind is somewhat humorous and yet disquieting at the same time due to the nature of government spending. Of course we all know the extreme cost of governmental plumbing. I mean fifteen dollars for a hammer or fifty dollars for a toilet seat would not be out of the ordinary. But what toilet, even a costly governmental one, could swallow, without the assistance of a gang of government paid plumbers, the Koran? No one outside of an news addicted world society would or could believe such a fabrication to be true.

2. The second thing is much more serious. One of the daily contributors to the constant barrage of the dope laced montage of brain junk food (I think it was the baby Jesus but I really don’t remember – after a while they all sound alike to me) said something like: “I don’t know what they (the peace loving terrorist) are so upset about this. You don’t hear Americans getting upset when someone attacks our Bible.”

The reasons why the majority of Americans do not get excited or upset when the Bible is attacked today is really a major sign post to the signs of our times.

Here are the reasons in reverse order.

C. Most Americans are not Christians to start with so an attack on the Word of God would not constitute a problem in the first place. The USA is called a Christian country but it is not. It is a country of cults and denominations but it is by no means Christian.

B. The Media hates the truth in any form it cannot control, shape or twist into its ungodly image. The Media is not interested in truth it is interested in control and subterfuge.

A. The Word of God has been under attack since God spoke in Genesis 1:1. Today, in the United States Of America, you can find as many as 200 translations in English, all claiming to be the Word of God while not agreeing with one another.

People would not get upset over an attack on the Word of God because they do not know where it is! Is it in the NIV, NSB, NWT, ASV, NASV, the Mormon bible, the Jehovah witnesses bible, the Catholic bible or the Rap bible?

Religion, tradition and denominationalism are choking off the life of the church the body of Christ through the use of bibles that have been edited, revised, renewed and neutered of its power for the love of money and control of people.

There is still one book out there that Americans can still call the Holy Bible.

It is not copyrighted.
It still has all the “Thee’s & Thou’s” in it.
It still has the “blood of Christ” in it.
It still “discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart.”
It still reads like poetry and cuts like a knife.
It is still the text of the Protestant reformation.
It does not need to be retranslated, revised, edited or renewed it needs to be believed.
That book is the King James Bible.
It is God’s word, without error, for English speaking peoples.

Now the really funny thing is this.
I will get more hate mail and threats over saying this than if I flushed a copy of the real Word of God down the toilet.

Go figure!

2 Cor 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.


Blogger RighteousBeliever said...

i don't know if you received the first comment i sent. i don't know if it went, because i ended up creating and publishing a blog. i thanked you for speaking the truth, and i know what you mean about hate mail! and not in mail only! Praise God! With Love,

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Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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